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Jet Fuels

OTC has secured direct aviation jet fuel sellers / suppliers with access to Jet A, Jet A1 & Gost 10227-86 TS-1 aviation jet fuel via FOB Rotterdam or Russian and Middle Eastern ports. OTC also represents direct resellers and direct exit buyers of aviation jet fuel worldwide. Contact OTC  for the specifications of the aviation jet fuel we provide.

Mazut M100

OTC has been dealing with the fuels from last 15 years and is supplying all types of fuels at the moment including Mazut 100, M300 and many other fuels too like D6, D2 LPG, LNG.


OTC is dealing with  Copper Scrap, Copper wire Scrap,
Aluminum Scrap, HMS 1 AND 2


OTC can provide  you all types of paper of high qualtity including A4, A3 , A2, Kraft Paper Colour Paper, Laser Paper etc of about 20 different brands.


OTC is stuggling for the pure oil and has managed to provide with all pure oils including Sun Flower Oil, Palm Oil, Ajowan Oil.
Not even this OTC also helps the recycler to recycle the old used oil and provide them with it.


Coal is found in many different forms. Whereas each type has a different use. Coal is being used in power generation, the manufacturing of cement, iron and steel. Coking coal is used to produce coke, which in turn is used to produce pig iron. Coal used for energy generating is declining due to an increase in the use of natural gas and nuclear power. The overall coal production however is increasing, for other purposes.
OTC is struggling in this compettition since 2005.

Steel Billets

We deal with different types of steel billets having different purity levels. 

Copper Cables

Our Cables are the market leader in the World We supply  Cables of 99.99% Copper.


OTC is supplying high quality   
OPC, Grade 42.5 N   As per BS EN 197-1 : 2011 in addition with it's flexible policies for the valued customers.