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OTC is a Family

Unlike a team, which must always optimize decisions that will result in the shortest path to their goal, we’ll often optimize decisions to do the right thing for our family. As it turns out, making decisions to protect our family is often the best way for us to achieve our goals as a team.
Perhaps a more accurate thing to say is my company is family-like, but that just doesn’t have quite the same ring as family. 
"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all"
OTC has a legacy of delivering excellence for over 25 years. The journey has been eventful with a lot of colorful streaks and milestones on its way. Trading business has seen its ups and downs, however OTC has seen immense growth even in the most turbulent times. This has been possible primarily due to a word class team of professionals, exceptional customer service and our strong relationships with our clients.
Our core business being a supplier of industrial parts relies upon the best product range, reliability, customer care, integrity, product knowledge and being associated with the most reliable principles from across the globe. This is what has helped OTC, expand globally. Presently OTC is operating in three countries with an aspiration to scale its operations to over 10 countries in the next 2 years.
Our employees are our biggest asset and we at OTC are committed to help all our employees excel in their own line of work. The HR policies, trainings and employee engagement activities are part and parcel of OTC’s culture. To be more direct, we are one big happy family at OTC!
Since the inception of OTC, there has been a conscious effort on CSR activities where multiple charity projects have been rolled out related to education, poverty elimination and employment generation in the region of South Punjab. More efforts are on its way to scale these operations to others regions in Pakistan.
The vision is to become the partner of choice for all industries by scaling operations and delivering the best value to our clients both domestic and international. To me, if one is lucky to have a skilled team of experts with a can do attitude that is all it takes to be the best in business and I am fortunate to have the right people in OTC.
To us at OTC, success is not a destination but a journey and we are committed to achieve greatness, something which offers winning for everyone !


Message from the Chairman

At OTC,we are a bunch of passionate people that have architected and established a one of its own kind of organization that believes in delivering nothing short of excellence!
With this era where industrialization and manufacturing in Pakistan is entering intoa new dimension of growth and development, the need of experts to partner with the industry is more demanding than ever.
We at OTC are pioneers in trading of industrial parts and have played a significant role in uplifting the industry by providing state of the art equipment and customer services to our customers.
Our driving force undoubtedly has been the employees that have swet with us and it is purely because of their untiring efforts that we were able to shape and carve history by becoming the preferred partner of choice in the industry.
Over the past 25 years, OTC has redefined the dynamics of trading particularly industrial products, which now serves as a template for others across the country.
We see the industrial transformation around us as promising opportunities to further elevate OTC as an organization. We have also drawn on the potential offered by Middle East, Europe and the Australian market and have already initiated our operations in Dubai and Melbourne.
Furthermore, with this global expansion, the strategy is to make our high growth businesses independent profit centers with a conscious focus towards providing the best industrial equipment and customer services.
Our end goal is to be an unstoppable enterprise that creates enormous value for its employees, clients and all other stakeholders.